Welcome to another spooky episode of PodCulture! Glenn begins with regaling his vacation time, finishing Halo Reach. He explains the newest Medal of Honor. Adam dueled with strep throat and won, going on to complete a 5K race. Christina finished reading the P.C. and Kristen Cast “The House of Night” series, and is listening to The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Brad is wearing his Jack of All Trades hat this week and give us an update on his dad.

Our not-so-scary Geek Cuisine this week is provided by our dear listener, Clay Campbell! Boards Honey Apple Salsa. To go with it, he gave us 3 kinds of An Apple A Day apple chips. To balance the healthy, we enjoy chocolate covered cashews. Not surprisingly, Christina’s idea of produce Geek Cuisine gets shot down, but we’re all grateful for our great spread!

Trick or Treat! We have the treat of our new loot to share. Glenn talks about his new television turned monitor, which prompts the boys to discuss refresh rates for optimal gaming. He is getting the new Call of Duty game for the 360, but ponders the PC version. They ruminate on 3-D games, and Adam and Christina share a nostalgic Muppet moment. The gang drifts to talk of the new additions to the cast of Chuck. Adam has picked up some new swag for his shiny new camera. Brad gave Christina Super Scribblenauts for the DS and she’s already loving it. Brad has finally given up the ghost on his Augen Tablet, and exchanged it for a Kindle and a sturdy green leather case.

Our musical interlude is Halloween by Steve Goodie, and we send gratitude to The Critical Myth Podcast for their promo! And stay tuned to the end for a glimpse behind the mask of our show!

By Brad

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