We open this week with the horrors of the Snuggie, and the hopes of new fall tv.

Cookies are an “all the time” food at PodCulture! We have Oreo Double Stuffed Heads or Tails cookies!

Glenn opens the TV and DVD segment with completing The Gates and Haven. He finally watched Justified, and while he enjoys the main character, but isn’t so much in love with the show. Everyone is kind of underwhelmed by the Event, despite the talent of Jason Ritter. We’re all glad Chuck has had it’s season extended. Glenn and Adam are apprehensive about this season of Supernatural, but everyone loves the character of Bobby. Glenn shares No Ordinary Family, calling it a worthwhile watch, and is quite happy that Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory is back. Adam is thoroughly enjoying Outsourced. They loved the sci-fi cameos on The Big Bang Theory. Adam has started Deadwood, and Christina talks about Ian McShane and the arc of his character. We all love Castle and discuss the adorable characters. Adam is behind on Chuck and Christina enjoys that you can watch them online. Brad and Adam discuss the newly greenlit SyFy series in the Battlestar universe and the cancellation of Caprica. Christina is still watching Man vs. Food, and Adam is loving Stormchasers. Brad is happy Mark A Shepherd is back on Supernatural and shares the news that he’s been cast in the upcoming series of Doctor Who. Christina is watching A Bit Of Fry and Laurie, and loving following Stephen Fry on Twitter. She is watching Life After People and loving Netflix. Brad and Christina are loving Hawaii Five-O, and Christina talks about characters she doesn’t like on shows. They’re back into Fringe, but Christina isn’t loving the jumping universes. They all discuss Stargate Universe and Christina discusses the acting chops of Robert Carlyle. Christina gets her Whovian meth patch, as she and Brad watch Sarah Jane Adventures. They look forward to the episodes with Matt Smith. Brad and Christina started watching Dexter and Christina loves the fact that it sets her ill at ease. She suggests making a list of shows they can’t watch while eating. Which shows gross you out? Which new things are you watching? Glenn has started watching Dollhouse and Brad discusses the extra features on the blu ray.

In closing, Adam entreats you to watch good things. Christina apologizes for the lag in voicemails and asks for more feedback.

Great thanks to Milk Carton TV for their promo!

Our musical interludes this week include “I Hate Mondays” by Devo Spice and “What A Friend We Have In Cthulu” by Consortium of Genius.

By Brad

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