Welcome back, Geeklings!

Andy has been spending too much time in Albion playing Fable 3 to watch tv, but the other three make up for it! Adam is watching 30 Rock and Christina talks about the extra Kenneth content on the NBC website. He is also watching Stargate Universe, enjoying the dark turn the show is taking. Everyone is loving being creeped out by The Walking Dead. Adam takes a moment to share the poignant season shocker on Storm Chasers. To counterpoint with a lighter note, he is also enjoying Outsourced and piques Christina’s interest. He is still loving Mythbusters and picked up How To Train Your Dragon on blu ray. Christina watched Obsessed and Addicted on TLC and Paranormal Activity with Brad’s sister Emalee. Brad and Christina are watching the usual Chuck and Castle, and are completely enjoying Hawaii Five-O. Christina enjoys gawking at Bradley James in Merlin, and Brad compares it to Smallville. They talk about Sarah Jane Adventures and the episodes with Matt Smith. Brad shows off the sixth season of Doctor Who on blu ray and talks about just a few of the extra features. The pair have picked up Toy Story 3, and Christina regales them about how sad it was. They’ve also got Superman/Shazam: The Return of Black Adam.

Our sugar buzz continues as we enjoy Irish Creme and Candy Corn Hershey Kisses!

In closing, Andy is impressed by this season’s video game booty, and he and Brad question your gnome hunting talent. Christina wishes everyone a slightly belated Happy Thanksgiving. Adam asks us to go out and enjoy the weather, and Brad wants everyone to call the voicemail like with cool tv shows you’re watching.

Musical breaks include Avada Kedavra by Nuclear Bubblewrap and We’re All Gonna Die by Insane Ian. This week’s promo comes courtesy of The Critical Myth Podcast.

By Brad

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