Welcome back to PodCulture! Andy joins us for this post Thanksgiving show. Take a break from the busiest shopping day of the year and listen to what we’ve added to our geek shelves!

Andy opens Geek and Tell, much to Christina’s joy, with The Hunger Games series of books by Suzanne Collins. He discusses the appeal to teens and adults alike, sharing the appeal of the Max Brooks and Zombie Survival Guide books. They all discuss books that got them going, and they hold out hope that these “gateway drugs of geekness” will keep growing. Brad picked up the Serenity: A Shepherd’s Tale graphic novel. To go with it, he bought the River Tam Big Damn Hero figure from Quantum Mechanix. Continuing his addiction, Brad adds to his Transformer collection, and Christina dreams of a Tardis sized apartment in which to put them. Adam is enjoying his XBox Kinect, and Christina is more than content with her Big Finish audio dramas. Andy and Brad discuss digital versus “dead tree” book formats, and Christina shares her haunted library history.

“Act Pottery” was brought to you by Nuclear Bubble Wrap and “Black Friday” comes courtesy of The Great Luke Ski.

By Brad

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