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Brad gives us a sneak peek at PodCulture.com…yes, that’s right, dot com!

Whether you’re snowed in, or just don’t want to leave the house, it’s always a good time to play video games! Glenn has been playing the World of Warcraft expansion, Cataclysm. He gives us an overview of what’s new and improved, and Brad shares the WOW podcast, Best Little Horde House in Azeroth. Adam has joined the Brotherhood in Assassins Creed. Despite the brevity of the storyline, he is enjoying the quests, collectibles and challenges. Christina may not be playing games, but she’s quite happy to have her real life archery gear back with her. She cowers in the shadow of her Rock Band prodigy brother, and Brad tells the story of Eric’s XBox. Brad picked up Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit. After giving Eric one of his controllers, he replaced it with one of the new ones and a chat pad. Christina got in the PC beta test of DC Universe Online and gave it to Brad while she was on vacation. He talks a bit about the all star Whedonrific cast of voices and Glenn is impressed thus far with the character customization options. Brad praises the PS3 control scheme. Glenn hasn’t prestiged in Black Ops, and he’s debating on waiting for upcoming map pack. He discusses the Battlefield Bad Company: Vietnam expansion including the new maps, weapons and real period music. Brad isn’t brave enough to download the new content for Naughty Bear, but Christina found it the day it was free for the iPhone. Everyone is hooked on Angry Birds. Brad is enjoying causal games on the Evo, including Fruit Ninja and the MMO Pocket Legends, while Christina tried Squibble on her Evo. Have you played anything we’ve talked about? Let us know!

Glenn has brought Geek Cuisine this week, and it’s Game Night Candies. Miniature game piece shaped candies come in little board game boxes!

Wrapping up our 5th Anniversary episodes, the crew discusses what they have enjoyed and how we’ve grown! Christina wishes everyone a happy holiday season, and Glenn looks forward to geeking about our post-Christmas hauls. Adam wishes everyone safe and happy holidays with friends and family and can’t wait to give people presents! Brad passes on his gratitude for the support from listeners, friends and family. Looking to 2011 and year 6 of PodCulture, Adam is looking forward to the new Scyfi movies, and Christina is waiting for great tv and bad puns from Brad. Glenn anticipates Green Hornet with hope and trepidation. Brad is holding out hope for a great Green Lantern film.

Our music this week is Sharktopus by Nuclear Bubblewrap and Ninja Drinking Song by Sci-Fried.

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