Like emptying the bottoms of all the different boxes of cereal into one bowl, we bring you our tasty leftovers!

Our first Geek Cuisine has been provided by Christina, Burger King Ketchup Fries and Onion Rings snack chips.

In a healthy and local segment, Brad shares Huber’s Apple Cider and the tale of Christina’s Pumpkin Spiceburg overdose.

Attention! Glenn brings our next snack, the patriotically yummy Gummi Army Men.

Glenn shares the Guilty Pleasure of Gentlemen Broncos, from the creators of Napoleon Dynamite and Nacho Libre. The gang is hesitant, but holds out hope for Sam Rockwell.

In a post-Halloween celebration Glenn shares Pumpkin Patch Orange Pop Rocks and Ghost Dots.

Christina shares the Pumpkin Spiced Apple Juice, much to Adam’s dismay, but luckily for him the seasonal goodies are over.

In a Geek Cuisine that was fated not to be, we share the Green Lantern Hostess Glo-Balls that were past their super hero sell-by date.

Music includes Sheldon’s Delight by The Great Luke Ski and BlockBuster Video Girl by Bob Ricci. Our promo this week comes from Milk Carton TV.

By Brad

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