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Brad, Christina and Adam are holding down the fort without Glenn this week because it will soon be Derby season. Christina has been watching some new tv and happily drowning in audio books while she works. Adam is still working on his scuba experience and is looking forward to using his new waterproof camera in Panama when he goes. Sadly, his iPod lost the fight with the washing machine. As much as they love their Evo phones, they can’t stay way from their iPods. Adam is running, now that the weather is back to normal. He will be talking about his new computer case in Geek and Tell, and teases us with his beta testing of Star Wars: The Old Republic. He is proud to share that his brother, Jason, and his wife are expecting! Brad is hooked on a new a game that he teases us with, easing his tribulations at work.

Icee minion that she is, Christina shares this week’s first Geek Cuisine. She regales us with the new wall of soda and flavor add-ins at the Thorton’s gas stations. Hundreds of flavor combinations await the trio in soda, tea and coffee for 89 cents. Christina got unsweetened tea with peach and raspberry flavor, Adam got sweet tea with mango and raspberry, while Brad got Big Red soda with shots of vanilla.

Two geeks and a girl fight for the remote in this TV and DVD Talk. Christina opens, having finished season 8 of Scrubs and is bereft without it. She sends out her thanks to Justin for suggesting it, and mentions some of her favorite moments and characters. Because of Scott and Randy of Geekshow.us, she started watching Mad Love, taking the edge of her Scrubs mourning. Also because of a suggestion, Christina watched Sally Hawkins in the movie Happy Go Lucky. Adam has been watching the US Being Human, so they discuss the timing of major character events in the US version versus the UK. Christina refrains from talking about the UK series because of the season finale. Adam has also been watching Stargate Universe, just in time for it to be over. Brad enjoys the guest star roles of Robert Picardo and David Hewlett, Adam is loving Julie McNiven as Ginn, and Christina finally appreciates Jamil Walker Smith as Greer. They ponder the communication stones as a crutch for the series and other similar devices on shows. Adam has watched Salt with Angelina Jolie and quite enjoyed the story and action. While he tried to watch Spartacus: Blood and Sand, he can’t quite do it. Brad and Christina are having a similarly difficult time with the series Camelot. Christina is looking forward to The Borgias, and everyone wants to see Torchwood. Adam has his own mini Guilty Pleasure with the movie Skyline. The script, the setting, the action, nothing could redeem this movie, not even Donald Faison. The only even remotely positive thing he can list is the special effects. If you’ve seen it, and you like it, call us! Christina is watching Luther and laughing at Paul McGann singing “Everything I Do”. Brad and Christina are rewatching Stargate Atlantis. They compare Stargate: SG-1 to Atlantis and Brad agrees that Robert Picardo’s character was the best Atlantis commander. Brad picked up Friday the 13th tv series, and Christina likens it to Warehouse 13 meets Twilight Zone. They pair are watching Justified, which makes Christina fear living in Kentucky. She loves the character of Boyd and despises the female roles on the show.

In the second sugary interlude Christina shares Cinnamon Bun Bites candy, from the makers of Muddy Bears! They may look like yogurt bites, but they taste oddly good!

In the final, and scariest Geek Cuisine, the trio tries the vile cranberry lemonade flavor of Four Lokos. Brad shares the recipe for his great-grandmother’s Purple Juice, and they discuss various Red Bull mixtures…..and stay tuned for the second half of this “To Be Continued” Geek Cuisine coming soon!

Thanks to The Saturday B-Movie Reel Podcast and the Critical Myth Podcast for their promos! Music this week comes from Devo Spice with The Dumbest Song On Rock Band.

Extra thanks to Audible.com! As a PodCulture listener, you can click on the banner on our site and receive a free audio book download and enjoy two free weeks to explore the over 85,000 titles to choose from! This week, Christina is listening to The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffeneger, read by William Pope and Laurel Lefkow. Enjoy this brilliantly told tale of a man bounced around the time line of his family, his own lifetime and the life of his beloved Clare in a beautiful mixture of sci-fi and love story. Click the banner, choose your free audio book and tell us what you’ve chosen!

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