After far too long of a hiatus, The GeekSpin takes flight once again to spread its mission of good geeky music everywhere!

In this episode we have awsome songs from three great artists:

Song #1 “Nothin’ But a Geek Thang” by Devo Spice (featuring Worm Quartet)

Song #2: The Super Epic Video Game Medley 2 by Insane Ian

Song #3: PX-75309 by Sci-Fried

Please be sure to vote for your favorite song from this episode in the poll on the website.

We also have a new segment “the geeky spin” that can be on any subject…could be serious sometimes……mostly not so much, but always from a geek’s perspective! This go around it is all about the good, the bad, and the ugly of translating superhero costumes from the page to the screen.

Plus we have a listener with a feedback/ geeky spin of their own. It is from Jenn who hails from The Dollhouse Podcast. MilkCartonTV, and The Seekercast. (and prob a bunch of other stuff I am forgetting) With her take on the Wonder Woman costume (and the reboot)

Listeners what do you guys think? Yay? Nay? Or just a nutty fanboy? Please let us know … call the voicemail line: (502) 233-7746 drop an email or send an MP3 file to

Thank you folks for sticking with The GeekSpin during the long hiatus, and stay tuned for more fun yet to come!

By Brad

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