The PodCulture crew is joined by Nick and Richard once again and they take another TARDIS Interruptus journey thru time and space as they pay tribute to the late actress Elisabeth Sladen fondly remembered as The Doctor’s companion Sarah-Jane Smith. They discuss her first journey in the TARDIS “The Time Warrior”, her exit from the classic series “The Hand of Fear”, and her return in the new series “School Reunion”. Favorite moments and memories are shared as well as tributes from those who worked with Lis in the production of Doctor Who.

Brian from the British Invaders podcast brings us a brief history of the character Sarah-Jane Smith, and John from the Critical Myth podcast along with Treeva from Alabama call in to the voicemail line and share their feelings and memories as well.

Special musical guests for this episode are: New Magnet with their song “What’s the Story Sarah Jane?” and Talis Kimberley with “Goodnight, Sarah-Jane”

By Brad

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