With all the Derby Festivities, Plus Mothers Day … not to mention Easter as well. The PodCulture crew just wasn’t able to get together to record as they usually do. Fear not listeners…rather than leave you with an empty feed this week the gang will be bringing you a few favorite “blasts from the past” episodes. (with some new stuff thrown in from time to time as well)

What better way to kick off a retro themed week than with the episode that started this whole geek-adventure off: PodCulture 1: And so It Begins……

Please note however that while this version of episode 1 has been slightly remastered to improve sound quality (leveled the sound a little better, and replaced the music with cleaner higher quality versions of the exact same thing) the audio is still a little rough as it was recorded on our VERY old (even at the time) original recording rig.

By Brad

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