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Glenn has been to Wonderfest and bought Godzilla vs Megalon, and some autographs, including Caroline Munroe. He is especially proud of the Creature From The Black Lagoon figure he found. He discusses the familiarity of the convention and the updated venue. Adam has been working, running despite the scary bad weather. He is investigating new apartments, but he’s saving for future scuba and white water rafting adventures. Christina is frustrated by pyelonephritis, but managed to make it to Elizabeth’s recital. Brad had a shot in his bum for his sciatica, and tells the story of his insensitive coworkers. Brad teases us with plans for a new podcast, and looks forward to the Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters game.

Grab a glass of milk for this Geek Cuisine, as we enjoy Berry Burst Ice Cream Oreos.

Adam opens TV and DVD talk and is absolutely loving Game of Thrones, as is everyone else. Christina is a bit creeped out by Jason Momoa’s character. Brad talks about his favorite characters and his hopes for the future. Adam is trying to catch up on Castle, while Brad and Christina spotted the twist coming. Despite picking up the last few episodes of Caprica, Adam remains disappointed. Glenn began watching Game of Thrones, but decided to wait to watch it with Carly. Lamenting the loss of V and many other shows, he still awaits new seasons of Vampire Diaries. Caught up on Fringe, the gang discuses Anna Torv’s performance as Leonard Nimoy. He is looking forward to the Nine Lives of Chloe King, having enjoyed the actress in the ill-fated Gates. Anticipation of Falling Skies is mixed. Nobody seemed to like The Event, but we’re all excited to see Ringer with Sarah Michelle Gellar. Glenn found great deals on tv from Amazon, including Stingray, Cobra, Blue Thunder and She-Wolf of London. On her own, Christina is rewatching Red Dwarf, having listened to the audio books. Also, she greatly loved The King’s Speech and found it deserving of all the awards it received. Brad and she were blown away by the season finale of Supernatural and can’t wait for the next season. Brad, Christina and Adam discuss Doctor Who briefly, and Adam is not ashamed to say he teared up. Because of The Doctor’s Wife, Christina has downloaded the Neil Gaiman audio books (read by the man himself) and loves them all. Brad is happy to be watching the new series of Primeval, and opens the discussion about the Highlander remake. Speaking of remakes, Christina is excited for the reboot of Fright Night. The Green Lantern premiere is approaching and the gang is liking the newer previews. Glenn has seen the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie and enjoyed it, but waits for Captain America. Christina and Brad have watched Tron Legacy and enjoyed the great special effects. She finds the Doctor Who actor link in it.

Promos come courtesy of The Critical Myth Podcast. Music includes Johnny Jump Up by Beatnik Turtle, from their album Sham Rock.

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