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Glenn opens this post Independence Day episode with talk of flying through tornadoes and covering train derailments. He entreats us to go to Derby City Comicon to see all sorts of artists, including our co-host himself! Also, the Fright Night Film Fest is coming back to Louisville, combined with the Fandom Fest. Adam is excited to be moving Studio V in the next couple of weeks, as well as enjoying the warmer weather. He is listening to some audio books and loving playing the Star Wars beta. Christina has been to and from Cleveland since the last regular PodCulture. She has been enjoying new music her sibs have given her. Never lacked for audio books, she has a new list of things she has listened to, as well as new shows that have been watched. Brad has had a rough road at work, but has been having a great time helping to start up the new Type 40 Podcast.

Christina roles the die on the gaming segment with her new obsession in Plants Vs. Zombies across multiple platforms. Glenn has picked up Red River, the newest addition to Operation Flashpoint, and is looking forward to zombie monkeys. He has only recently beat the campaign mode for Call of Duty Black Ops. Everyone is anticipating the Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary game. Glenn picked up the game Rage and comments on the great graphics. Because of the Sony Network down time, users got to download free games. Glenn has chosen Dead Nation and Infamous, but Brad and Christina suggest the Little Big Planet PS3 edition. Adam says what he can about the beta of Star Wars Old Republic and can hardly wait for the game release. Brad finished the Green Lantern game on the not-so-easy setting and is playing through it again. Christina is appreciating the Amazon app store with their free app of the day. Brad has is PS3 3000 and after his battery fubar, he is gathering up new games. The gang discusses the Capcom single use games and new memory card tech.

Christina hosts this Geek Cuisine with Icee brand Fizzing Lollipops. Back in Cleveland is the candy mecca, B.A. Sweeties. Brad came back with four boxes of Jolly Ranchers as well as some future Geek Cuisines.

Thanks to Insane Ian for his song, Bob-Omb and to the Being Human Podcast for their promo!

Extra special thanks to Audible.com. As a PodCulture listener, you can click on the link above and download a free audio book, enjoying two weeks to discover the over 85,000 titles. If you do, let us know what you have chosen!

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