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Glenn opens Guilty Pleasures with the Netflix gem, Aliens Vs. Ninjas. Not a risque as some others, like RoboGeisha and Machine Girl, Glenn still finds the costuming and puppetry redeeming. Even safe for a bit younger of a crowd, he enjoyed the fun approach to the movie. Letting the trailers on the disc tempt him, he threatens us with more in the future!

Geek Cuisine is pure imagination this week with Wonka Exceptionals. Today’s variation is Fruit Marvels Clementine Orange candies. While we are loving the candies, we lament the loss of the Flat Earth chips. It leads Christina to admit her love for Gene Wilder, her fear of Johnny Depp in Dark Shadows, and the appreciation of him in Lost In LaMancha.

Glenn starts this week of book talk with the Sigma Force series by James Rollins, beginning with Sandstorm. He gives us an overview with the Dan Brown-esque secret agent geeks. Glenn finds that he and Rollins share similar literary inspirations growing up. Having written the novelization of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, as well as young adult novels under the name James Clemens. Christina has started listening to the Song of Ice and Fire series, but needs to keep to simpler things while she works and has been listening to much. Brad is impressed that his mom now owns a Kindle. Adam has been spending his reading time learning new effects for his CGI work, but has finally picked up Shepherd’s Tale by Joss Whedon.

In conclusion, Glenn reminds us that he’s going to be at Derby City Comicon in July, along with Tony Moore and other comic artists and writers. Adam and Christina talk about enjoying the finer weather, and Brad wants you to let him know what kinds of games and tv you are enjoying!

Music includes Pac-Man by Nuclear Bubble Wrap and If I Could Be Weird Al by Moneyshot Cosmonauts. Thanks to the Type 40 Podcast for their promo!

By Brad

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