Extract the shrapnel from last week, Whovians, we’re back for another episode of hard opinions! We welcome Nick, Richard and Andy back into the studio for the second half of our look back at the first half of Series Six of Doctor Who!

We give Amy a little bit of a break and we turn our attentions to the beautiful Alex Kingston and the mysterious River Song. Nick doesn’t have a problem with River being their daughter, but that we’re lead to believe she’s a Timelord. He points out other incongruity over the years. Andy connects it with Babylon 5, Chris Claremont’s X-Men and George R. R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series. Richard is holding out hope for a good, solid resolution and his future Who watching may hang in the balance. Andy loved seeing River again with Matt Smith, but he is hoping for more. Christina won’t let disappointment in a single storyline or companion to keep her from loving Steven Moffat and Doctor Who as a whole. Nick talks about some of his lesser loved Doctors, but he really enjoys Matt Smith. Having aired our complaints, we then go on to talk about things we love, including The Doctor’s Wife, Rory and The Silence. Richard questions whether we are products of our environment of immediate gratification, but Andy compares it with Lost, in danger of drawing it out too long. Christina questions us over thinking ourselves, and we agree that we complain only out of love for it all. Brad compares it to nitpicking The Green Lantern movie and Christina likens it to comparing bench marks in The Phantom of the Opera. We throw around theories, much Rory love and Brad plays Devil’s Advocate. Nick has a problem with the Doctor having a god complex…again, as well as the Sontaran Nurse. Richard and Nick point out the conspicuous Victorian Silurian. Andy and Richard contemplate characters that have served to rein in The Doctor.

Many thanks to the brilliant band Chameleon Circuit for the song “Big Bang Two” from their album Still Got Legs!

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By Brad

2 thoughts on “PodCulture 275: TARDIS Interruptus – Vol. 11”
  1. I was just listening to Tardis Interruptus part 2, and I have to say that I think you missed the whole point about the doctor. There was criticism that the Doctor blowing up the whole Cyber fleet was un-doctor-like, but that was the whole point of the episode. I felt that you guys completely skipped over the main arc of the series so far and focused way too much on Amy…

  2. When I listen to most podcasts about Doctor Who, I felt I was the on ly one who wasn’t loving the Moffat Who. I was glad to hear your comments

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