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Brad and Christina open, battening down the hatches for the feedback from the Tardis Interruptus episodes. Adam missed out on that due to birthday shenanigans. He has also moved apartments, talks about the great lake behind it and his foray into interior decorating. Glenn has been pushing through ratings season at work and manages to attend Derby City Comic Con and Fright Night Film Fest. We take a moment to talk about Derby City Comic Con, and look forward to next year! Christina is listening to Storm of Swords, enjoying being immersed in the characters. Brad and Christina tease with more new tv they are watching, and Christina entreats the listeners to get Brad to watch Luther. Brad has new technical geekery and is anticipating Dragon Con, which leads him to double check the PodCulture drinking game rules.

Christina laments ending Star Trek Enterprise, and looks forward to catching up on the other series. She is absolutely loving Haven and Brad mentions some of their favorite Stephen King in-joke moments. They need the listeners to decide if Emily Rose looks more like Chuck’s Yvonne Strahovski or Veronica Mars’ Kristen Bell. Christina is nearly caught up with Deadliest Warrior on Netflix, which came in handy when watching Doctor Who’s The Aztecs. The pair are also watching Falling Skies, dubbing it Jericho meets War of The Worlds. They are quite happy that Eureka and Warehouse 13 are back and have added Alphas to their roster. They segue to much anticipation for The Knights of Badassdom, having so many beloved actors in one place, including Ryan Kwanten, Summer Glau and Peter Dinklage. Glenn is watching Teen Wolf and The Nine Lives of Chloe King, waiting for Vampire Diaries to return. He has ordered Limitless and Insidious on dvd. Adam has been watching Torchwood: Miracle Day. He was doubtful in the beginning, but is really enjoying the subsequent episodes. He questions the introduction of Jack Harkness. Brad agrees that it found itself in the third episode. Having loved Bill Pullman for decades, Christina is brilliantly freaked out by his evil performance. Adam and Christina discuss the complete wonkiness of True Blood this season. Christina points out massive variations from the book and Adam is really disliking many storylines. Christina is creeped out by Fiona Shaw as a witch after so many years as a muggle in the Harry Potter movies. Adam introduces the group to Sons of Guns. Christina has been blown away by the talent on So You Think You Can Dance as well as Neil Patrick Harris as a guest judge.

From the makers of Big Red, our Geek Cuisine this week is Big Blue! Reminiscent of liquid cotton candy, the gang loves it. They discuss Big Red and its popularity in the area. Meanwhile, Christina is adding to her vast range of diet drink mixes.

Many thanks to Tom Smith for his song Ale, and Power Salad with The Food Show.

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By Brad

2 thoughts on “PodCulture 276: Velvet Batmobile – Part A”
  1. 2. Brad mentions plans for Dragon*Con, take a drink.
    3. Brad mentions previous plans/event at Dragon*Con, take a drink.
    4. Someone mentions their love of new Knight Rider, Brad must take two drinks.

    Stop killing people’s livers Brad :p

  2. So I am a bit behind so I just got around to listening to this ep. today. I am so happy that Brad and Christina have started watching falling skies!!! I love it!!! I hope you are caught up! When Christina said the bit about the skitters and thier eyes, I squealed a bit…if you are not caught up you will see…. Oh and I have been watching Torchwood:Miracle Day and really enjoying, but what Adam said about captain jack is totally true….I still am not sure what his deal is other than good guy, who once was immortal and now is not. Love Gwen she is my fav….What other torchwood related things are there that I might enjoy?

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