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Glenn opens this week with a nostalgic Guilty Pleasure! Legends of Superheroes! He remembers bunking off Boy Scouts to stay home and watch it on his “Spirit of ‘76” tv. We discuss the many levels of cheese and the painful resurrection of stars like Batman, Robin and The Riddler, played by the original stars. The Warner Archive, a dvd on demand service has remastered this set and we wonder what else awaits on their site. Christina talks about the classic 70’s costuming, and Glenn wonders where Wonder Woman went. Brad and Glenn wish for Batman on dvd, and Christina longs for things from Nickelodeon, like Pinwheel. Shout Factory is releasing all sorts of classic gems and Glenn is watching Street Hawk and will be picking up The Man From Atlantis.

Glenn is on Black Order of the Sigma Books by James Rollins. Adam and Christina took a leaf out of Glenn’s book and are reading and listening to Sandstorm, the first of that series. They amaze at the epic scale of the stories, long for film versions and appreciate the deconstruction of the science at the end of the books. Glenn theorizes casting Days of Our Lives star Nadia Bjorlin as the main character. He has also picked up the novella Walking Like Morpheus, which reminds him of Inception. We enjoy the growing field of self-publication. After the dvd of Starcrash, Glenn has found a collection of stories about Stella Star. Adam has started reading the line of stories based in the Star Wars: The Old Republic universe, beginning with Deceived by Paul Kemp. Christina is listening to Storm of Swords of the Song of Ice and Fire series. She speaks to the accessibility of the story and being happily proven wrong. Thoroughly enjoying the reader, Roy Dotrice, and can’t wait for more. Brad is reading the Kindle version and put a good dent in it due to his insomnia. We lament the closing of Borders Books. Brad shares the tv tie-in books he picked up, including three from the Doctor Who line, a Warehouse 13 book and two Eureka novels. Christina shares book her mom gave her called Your Soul’s Plan by Robert Schwartz.

Geek Cuisine is pure sugar this week. Christina has found Mike and Ike and Hot Tamales Cinnamon Cotton Candy. How can you fail with the fluffy flavored angel floss? Christina talks about Norwalk Raceway’s dollar ice cream and Adam fondly remembers spinning the sweet stuff at picnics.

In closing, Glenn has finally picked up Borderlands to play after finding a great deal. Adam is looking forward to getting to use his pool as well as more beta testing Star Wars: The Old Republic. Everyone is looking forward Cowboys & Aliens. Christina is enjoying her books and listening to her meditation cds. She and Brad are loving Law and Order UK with Peter Davison. Christina asks for reading advice for her sister.

Thanks for our music this week, including Perfect Girl by Dino-Mike and Insane Ian’s Unbound-The Horcrux Song.

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