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This week we’re recording in the new and improved Studio V! We are in Adam’s new apartment!

Glenn has been to Fright Night Film Fest and is now wearing his Inframan t-shirt. While the internet is down at work, Glenn is writing even more and planning to go to the Midsouth Paranormal Convention. He discusses the upcoming school year and the horror that is public school bus travel on the first day. Adam has been putting his apartment together and has had the bad news that he won’t be diving for the rest of this year. Not to be put down, he has planned white water rafting ande caving trips. He is still beta testing Star Wars: The Old Republic. Christina has no new news to report, but Brad has had dental work done since last week. In a fun update, Brad has decided to get his Technician Class ham radio license.

In a not-so-Guilty Pleasure, Adam shares his screening of Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil, starring our own dear Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine. Adam gives us a synopsis of this campy romp of a slasher movie of a movie and we discuss some of our favorite moments. We are all four in agreement of our great enjoyment of this soon-to-be hit.

Packed with Geekness, Geek Cuisine satisfies. This week we share Snickers Peanut Butter bars! Snickers can’t usually go amiss, but we find that this special edition isn’t special enough to impress us.

Glenn shares our second Guilty Pleasure this week with Megaforce! “Deeds not words” is the mantra from this 1982 cult classic. Starring Michael Beck and Barry Bostwick, this retro futuristic flick by Hal Needam isn’t for the film faint of heart. It is partial inspiration for Team America and Glenn discusses some of the high and low points.

Thanks to The British Invaders Podcast for their promo.

This week’s music includes Burning Ambitions by Nuclear Bubblewrap and My Darkest Secret by Bob Ricci.

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