Live from Studio V…We open this week with a little Geek Cuisine action. And we do mean little! We try Peach Fusion Tic-Tacs! We enjoy the authentic fruit flavor but Brad thinks they’re the pits.

Adam is watching Torchwood: Miracle Day and we all agree that it’s getting really good. He appreciates the finer points of this particular doomsday scenario. Adam is also watching Sons of Guns and is impressed by the quality of both the family and the show. True Blood is also on the roster and he and Christina commiserate on the season thus far. On the recommendation of his friends, Adam has begun watching It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Glenn is lamenting the ending of seasons of Falling Skies, Teen Wolf and The Nine Lives of Chloe King. We evolve into talking about the cancellation of Eureka which leads to chatting about Alphas. Brad and Christina have started Torchwood from the first season over again and they’re enjoying rewatching the origin of the characters. Glenn, Christina and Brad discuss their favorite things about Haven. Glenn has just started watching Trailer Park Boys.

Music this week includes Get Me Online by Insane Ian, featuring The Stacey. Thanks to The Geek Spin for its promo!

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