Welcome back to the third part of PodCulture from Studio V!

We begin this episode with a bang as Adam has shared an episode of Sons of Guns with Brad, Christina and Glenn. The crew discusses what they thought of the show and they are unanimous in liking it! Glenn shares the story of his grandfather’s replica cannon. Brad shows off the Kaylee “Big Damn Hero” maquette from Quantum Mechanix.

Christina supplies Geek Cuisine this week as she brings bacon chocolate cupcakes to the party!

Glenn gets Guilty! This week it’s James Gunn’s anti-hero dramedy, Super. He shares the trivia of Gunn’s fictional character counterpart and more background from the creator of the PodCulture Crew favorite Slither. Super stars Rainn Wilson and Ellen Page with a cameo by our dear Browncoat, Nathan Fillion. It may not be for the faint of heart or stomach, but it does run the gambit of emotional range. Adam and Glenn give us a brief synopsis as well as some of their favorite moments from this sometimes gruesome and often entertaining hero flick.

In closing, Adam is lacked for words and Glenn revels in this summer of superhero movies. He and Brad discuss the new Spiderman costume. It evolves into discussion of modern movie super hero costumes, which brings us around to Voyage of The Dawn Treader and Bruce Spence. Christina is looking forward to Fright Night and has loved the most recent round of Whovian interviews on Craig Ferguson. Brad’s final thought is gratitude to Adam for sharing his new place with us and appreciation of Chick-fil-A.

Music this week comes from Sci-Fried with House of The Rising Cylon and our old favorite Sunspot with Loser of The Year. Thanks to The Seeker Cast Podcast for their promo! Very special thanks to Audible.com. As a PodCulture listener, you can click on the banner above and download a free audiobook! Enjoy two weeks of browsing the over 85,000 titles and chose your favorite for free! When you have picked one, drop us an e-mail and let us know what we should be listening to!

By Brad

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