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We have a grab bag of geek this week!

Glenn reviews Damnation Alley with an excited Nick, Richard and Andy, who fondly remember this guilty classic. Andy recalls the novel it was based on and Glenn’s favorite part is the Land Master. Christina is impressed by the behind-the-scenes features. Nick and Glenn appreciate Shout Factory and their accomplishments in the guilty pleasure universe. Nick mentions the young Jackie Earl Haley and segues into his role in the Dark Shadows revival. Andy admires the hundreds of titles that Christopher Lee was part of.

In the first Geek Cuisine of the show Candy Cane Tootsie Roll Drops.

Glenn is back with The Warrior’s Way. This uber-stylized, action packed movie pits ninjas versus cowboys in what Glenn compares to a Timothy Truman art style. He is glad to see Geoffrey Rush and finds that Kate Bosworth redeems herself from Superman. Nick compares the green screen to the CGI world of Spartacus.

In yet another Geek Cuisine, the whole gang tries Wonka Sluggles Gummies. Our plethora of bug jokes are as sweet and sour as the chewy goodness of the candy!

For our music this week, we have Thank U Gilligan by Moneyshot Cosmonauts, Harry’s Girl by Steve Goodie, Bert’s No Good by Robert Lund and Spaff.com

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