Hiya GeekSpinners!

Yes I’m back safe and sound from Dragon*Con 2011 sadly without the Parsec Award for Best Music Podcast…but hey after such a long hiatus…just making the short-list is as good as a win! One of the highlights this year was getting to meet the 7th Doctor…Sylvester McCoy! So I have a great batch of Whovian themed tunes for you all in this episode PLUS what just might be the BEST “geeky spin” EVER!

SONG #1 My Name Is John Smith – by The Lonely Traveler

SONG #2 Mr. Pond by Chameleon Circuit

SONG #3 Good Old Girl by Marian Call

Thank you to all the artists for their music…be sure to check out their websites for more great music! Also please be sure to vote for your favorite song from this episode in the poll here on the website (or leave a note in the comments section if the poll isn’t working for you) Thanks for listening gang!

By Brad

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