Adam opens this week with the great news of the new baby geekling in his family, his nephew Joshua! In other news, he has been working hard and looking forward to his trip to the Georgia Aquarium. Glenn has been putting lots of miles on the helicopter, covering all the bridge news. Brad gives a brief overview of the bridge trauma. If that wasn’t bad enough, Glenn got summoned for jury duty. Christina is watching new shows and catching up on old ones. Brad is happy for the upcoming Green Lantern blu-ray coming out and Glenn got a great deal on Amazon. Brad is still on the job hunt, but is keeping up with what’s good in the game world.

We have a super-sized TV and DVD Talk! Glenn begins with what ended. Haven is finished for the season and Christina is waiting anxiously to see if it has been renewed. Everyone is glad Alphas got renewed and Glenn talks about stepping it up with the mysteries of the Red Flag movement. Glenn is worried that the executive producer of Vampire Diaries is spreading himself too thin and the quality of the show will fall. From the same man comes Secret Circle, and Glenn is starting to like that as well. Christina is angry with Glenn for getting them hooked on The Nine Lives of Chloe King just to have it be cancelled. He and Carly are enjoying Paranormal Witness. Adam is finally totally caught up on Supernatural and finds the most recent twists about Cass interesting. Adam is rewatching Star Trek The Next Generation, and shares the news about plans to remaster them on blu-ray, including the upcoming sampler disc. He is catching up on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and found some older movie Riff Trax on Hulu. Adam gives a mediocre review of Rio despite impressive animation. He would like the hours of his life back after watching Transformers. Everyone enjoyed X-Men First Class, including amazing CGI and great character development. Christina has started the fifth series of Doc Martin, already sad that there are only 6 episodes. Her other favorite of the new shows is New Girl with Zooey Deschanel. Brad touches briefly on the season finale of Doctor Who, and they’re all hoping Doctor Who Confidential comes back. Christina and Brad are glad to have Merlin back. They discuss the bittersweet excitement at seeing the new half-season of Sarah Jane Adventures. The group discusses the Supernatural Anime season including some character changes. Brad and Christina have finally watched Hancock, and discuss the take on a superhero. The pair are making their way through the British series Misfits, and are of mixed feelings, but will keep going. They’re keeping up with Hawaii Five-O, and enjoy the scenes with Terry Quinn and Daniel Dae Kim. The group is watching Terra Nova, and while not wildly impressed, will keep watching to see if it improves. Glenn likes it better than Falling Skies. Speaking of falling skies, the pair have watched Muppets From Space and Adam has rewatched The Fifth Element. In animation, Brad and Christina have watched Tangled and How To Train Your Dragon. The latter is nothing like the books, but perfectly adorable nonetheless.

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