Welcome back, geeklings! It’s fall and we’re excited for all the new things out for the season. In the meantime, Brad and Christina share about the weird smells coming from the apartment next door.

Get ready to get your game on! We take a moment to talk about the loss to the tech world when Steve Jobs passed away. Christina opens game talk this week with finding the uber cute Cut The Rope for free on the Amazon App Store as well as Paper Camera. Aside from that, she is still playing her normal Farm Frenzy on the PC, Fruit Ninja on the Kinect and Sims on Facebook. Adam is trying out new facets of characters, after his had been wiped in the latest round of the Star Wars The Old Republic Beta. He tells us about the trigger happy Jawa companion. He addresses the comment that the game is “WoW with light sabers”. Adam and Glenn discuss the epic map of the Battlefield 3 Beta. Glenn explains the differences in the suppression and support roles. He shares details about the Hardened Edition of Modern Warfare 3 and the differences in Call of Duty. Glenn’s favorite perk of Battlefield 3 is the massive customizability of the weaponry. While he’s waiting for the came to officially release, Glenn will be picking up Call of Duty, Crysis for the Xbox as well as Halo Anniversary. He has also picked up Rage, from the makers of Doom. Glenn talks about multi player being vehicular combat, which intrigues Brad.

Finally, Brad and Glenn delve in depth into Dead Island. They discuss co-op modes, storylines and some of their favorite aspects. Brad compares it to Left 4 Dead, Bioshock and Dead Rising. Glenn spots a graphical glitch with a quest giver and explains about the cool ways to mod your weapons. Brad shares some of the achievements you can get and Glenn laments lack of character customizing. Brad talks about his Austin Powers moment and Glenn looks forward to the upcoming downloadable content.

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