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Adam is off this week, so Christina opens this PodCulture with some new tv shows and all the pumpkin flavored things. Glenn is playing Rage both single and multiplayer, and talks about some of the cooler points. He is looking forward to Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3, and both he and Brad are anticipating Halo Anniversary. Brad has completed the story in Dead Island with one character and will continue to explore with the others. Christina puts her wish list in for the next Plants Vs. Zombies.

The trio does a super segment on two of the most recent hero movies, starting with Green Lantern. The boys show off the version they picked up, and all the extras that come on it. They debate the deleted scenes and the enjoyable outtakes. Brad isn’t sure how he feels about digital comics. Will comics go the way of e-books? Let us know! They get back to Green Lantern geeking, picking out some of their favorite effects and moments for the diehard fans. Glenn shares how he and his dad noticed “The Superman formula”. Christina likens Hal’s sidekick to Moss from The IT Crowd, and Brad enjoys the effect on Hal’s eyes like that in the comic. The boys talk about the ring replica from Toys R Us. Putting the cape back on the crusader, the trio talks in depth about DC’s direct to dvd, Batman Year One. The boys discuss the original source material and Christina appreciates the animation translation. Christina is creeped out by the first commissioner while Glenn and Brad debate in jokes. Also on the dvd is the preview for the next feature to be released, Justice League Doom, and voice actors are happily agreed upon. Glenn shares about Frank Miller’s Holy Terror graphic novel.

Glenn shares his spooky Geek Cuisine this week with Grave Gummies! Are they dead delicious or frightfully foul? Find out!

Music this week includes Kirby Krackle with Another New Crisis and Hulkulele by Nuclear Bubble Wrap. Thanks to The Being Human Cast Podcast for their promo!

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