We are without Adam again this week, but the trio is back for another episode of PodCulture!

Glenn opens this episode with some American Cheese. He shares the Shout Factory gem, The Captain America tv movies, starring Reb Brown. We discuss casting, costuming and interpretation of character. Not as bad as some of Glenn’s Guiltier Pleasures, we actually enjoy the retro campiness of the show. Christopher Lee makes everything sound ominous in this show, and Christina is happy to see Connie Sellecca in something other than The Greatest American Hero. Glenn points out funny little flubs in production and appreciates how it is for its time. Christina notes that costuming and technology can be the quickest way to date a show, and Glenn discusses it’s relation to The Six Million Dollar Man. They debate the use of war-related storylines, and the boys muse on the comedic take on wartime settings. A curiosity of superhero history, Glenn is happy to have it in his collection.

Geek Cuisine is more treat than trick, as we share Dairy Queen’s Pumpkin Pie Blizzard. Christina is enjoying this most wonderful time of the year as pumpkin flavored treats abound.

In closing, tell us what you’re dressing up as this year for Halloween! Send us stories and pictures! Glenn shares his Spiderman disaster and Christina tells of the sadness of Corduroy She-Ra. Finally, Brad shares the awesomeness that is our friend and listener, Mike, who has done gorgeous vinyl decals for the shows. Thank you for the brilliant work, Mike!

Our music this week is Rorschach Love by Tom Smith and Kirby Krackle with Super Powered Love. Thanks to The British Invaders Podcast for their promo!

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By Brad

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