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Christina opens this week and she’s listening to new audiobooks, watching some new tv and planning Christmas shopping! Glenn has bought The Deadliest Catch game for Carly and is playing lots of video games himself. He is flying a lot for work, but managed to find time to watch Captain America. Adam has been working hard and trying to fit in some relaxation. He shares stories of his trip to the Georgia Aquarium and is enjoying the latest round of beta testing for Star Wars The Old Republic. Brad’s sleep timing is still inverted, but he still was able to work his magic on Christina’s computer.

Pour a tall glass of milk for this Geek Cuisine as we turn the lids off of Orange Creamsicle Oreos. Happy faces and thumbs up abound for this summertime taste in the middle of fall. Speaking of fall, Adam tastes the Gummi Mummy that the gang saved for him from the Ghost of Geek Cuisine Past.

Christina starts TV and DVD talk with her happiness at getting to see Phantom. She is loving the US incarnation of Wilfred, as well as keeping up with New Girl and Glee. Glenn is dreading the mid-season breaks of Secret Circle and The Vampire Diaries. He has watched The Rocketeer and picked up The Crow on blu-ray. The group discusses the possibility of a remake, as well as a contemporary connection to the tv series. Glenn lists off all of the shows on Friday nights, and they go way back with the old show, The Charmings. Adam is watching Friday Night Lights and is unexpectedly impressed. Still loving Community, Adam is especially enjoying Inspector Spacetime. They delve into the past few episodes of Castle, as well as a Horrible in-joke. Adam is thrilled to have Storm Chasers back for another death defying season. Everyone in the room has seen Captain America, and we touch on just a couple of our favorite moments. Brad and Christina are enjoying Merlin, despite a heartbreaking moment in this season. The pair greatly enjoyed the camp of An Evening With John Barrowman. Speaking of theatricality, Christina mentions In Search of Shakespeare that she has been watching on Netflix. They are loving Terry O’Quinn alongside Daniel Dae Kim on Hawaii Five-O. They aren’t in love with Ringer, but are watching it when they have time. The comic geeks take a moment for the ill-fated Wonder Woman pilot. Christina and Brad are watching Terra Nova, and Glenn has picked up a Nerf gun that the props are based on. Everyone is happy that Chuck is back and look forward to where this “last season” will take them. Christina is still lobbying for John Noble to win awards for his portrayals on Fringe. Every is intrigued by Once Upon A Time, and although Glenn prefers the grittier Grimm, Christina is looking for all the Disney nods. Although they miss Kate, the pair are still enjoying Sanctuary. They touch on the heartbreaking and uplifting finale of The Sarah Jane Adventures. Everyone is equally creeped out by Walking Dead and theorizes about once and future darkness in the characters, as well as ethical questions brought up in the series.

This week’s music is “I Will Dismember You” by Morning Sidekick, and we send out our thanks to The SeekerCast Podcast for their promo!

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