Welcome back to the trifecta of tech and geekness!

We open with sugary sweetness of Big Peach soda for geek cuisine! Is it Georgia-worthy or is it the pits? Listen and find out.

We’re geeking and we’re telling! Christina goes first to get the momentum going, but Glenn get the show on the road with his new GoPro Hero 2 camera, including the motorsport mount. Big quality in a tiny package, he shows off features of frame rate, HD quality and accessories available. He’s especially excited about picking up the 3D housing in the future.Adam shows off his new Motorola Photon phone, enjoying the bright screen, spiffy camera and improved battery life. Just to balance out the fun with the practical, Adam has also picked up a shiny new suit. Brad has bought a new controller for his PC games and green analog sticks to mod it, fighting to get through the segment while Adam and Christina crack up. To quiet his late night gaming sessions, he purchased a pair of Razer Chimera headphones after the Turtle Beach ones he tried gave him wicked feedback. Glenn found the new Turtle Beach Modern Warfare 3 Delta set because the added blue tooth functionality.

In closing Christina has listened to the audio book of The Help by Kathryn Stockett, and looks forward to seeing the movie. She is currently listening to The Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare. Adam is bummed since he hurt his foot, and is hoping not to be sidelined from running, despite enjoying be able to play Battlefield 3. He found Choplifter HD for Christina to squeal over, complete with zombie apocalypse level. Glenn fears PTSD after so many hours playing Modern Warfare 3. Christina entreats everyone to call in for the 300th episode. Brad shares the good news that he has a new job!

This week’s music includes Snoopy The Dogg by The Great Luke Ski, and the promo comes from our own The GeekSpin Podcast.

Many, many thanks to Decal Mike for the gorgeous vinyl decals of our family of podcasts.He has truly outdone himself with the brilliant logo artistry. Check out DecalMike.com and get fantastic geek art for yourself!

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By Brad

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