Welcome to a very special episode of PodCulture : Tardis Interruptus!
The Doctor is in…AGAIN!

Brad, Christina, Adam, Justin and Richard are in the studio to introduce the second of the two Sylvester McCoy panels at Dragon Con this year. The Seventh Doctor opens discussing his part in The Mikado and his goal to incorporate the spoons in every role he plays, a la W.C. Fields. He mentions the movie he shouldn’t mention and praises Australian actors. This Timelord lives on in the audio adventures and Sylvester explains the direction of the story arcs. He turns the clock back to his early days as an actor, and gives us his take on the 1996 Doctor Who movie. The stocky Scott gives us some of the history of topical events in the series and how fact and fiction sometimes overlap. The Greatest Show In The Galaxy brings up tales of sailors, submarines and standing up for yourself. On a personal note, he discusses growing up without a dad, and how it affected his personality.

By Brad

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