Welcome to the final part of the 300th episode of PodCulture!

To start us off, Brad adds up the total hours of geekness over the past years. Everyone speaks on some of their favorite moments over the past 300 episodes.

We come back with some pre-holiday Geek and Tell! Glenn is excited about getting his first Android phone, the HTC Amaze. He mentions some of the cool camera features it has. Adam compares it to his Motorola Photon. Brad and Christina helped Brad’s step-mom pick a phone for his little sister, and settled on a Droid Incredible 2. Brad picked up his own piece of Android tech in a Nook Tablet and shares some of his favorite perks. Glenn is anticipating the Asus Transformer Prime. Instead of one for Carly, he bought her up a Kindle Fire.

Brad opens a very special package from Decal Mike, to be opened on our 300 episode. It is a giant, gorgeous decal to commemorate our anniversary. The shiny silver and gold decal is simply the finest present! Thank you!

The gang’s all back for a giant Geek Cuisine! Welcome back Andy, Nick, Richard and Justin! Christina provides the chocolatey goodness this week with Oreo Cookie Bark. She followed the recipe on the Nabisco website, so if it sounds good, go for it!

In closing, the crew discusses the things that have come and gone over the course of three hundred episodes. Glenn is looking forward to playing the new Battlefield 3 downloadable content, while Brad is excited about the Dead Island add-ons. Brad is apprehensively excited about the over-the-top Lollipop Chainsaw. Glenn shares a bit about the debate between he and Adam Baldwin on Twitter. Brad had a geek squad moment with Patricia Tallman in Tweets. Have you had a brush with someone famous on Twitter? Let us know! Adam entreats us all to have or plan an adventure and then play Star Wars The Old Republic. Christina wishes everyone a happy holiday season. Brad thanks the listeners for taking the time to listen to this quartet of quirk every week!

Our music this week includes One Damn Lane by Tony Goldmark and Arcade Gaming Shrine by Palette-Swap Ninja. Special thanks to The Critical Myth Podcast for their promo.

Many thanks to Audible.com. As a PodCulture listener, if you click the above, you can enjoy two weeks to explore the over 85,000 audio book titles and choose one to download for free! Tons of exciting genres and thousands of brilliant voice actors are yours to experience. Click, explore and download in minutes, it’s easy and it’s free. Don’t forget to let us know what you’ve chosen!

Stay tuned after the credits for a Throwdown 2011 update!

By Brad

One thought on “PodCulture 302: Six Years and Geeking – Part C”
  1. RE: HTC Amaze
    I purchased the HTC Amaze a day after it came on the market–having eagerly anticipated it– and aside from the usual load of crapware apps which one cannot uninstall (unless you root it); it has been a most excellent phone.
    Seriously, I’m very happy with it, and I hope (blank, I’m bad with names, sorry) is happy with it too.
    Word of advice though, bring your phone charger everywhere. Get a car charger if you don’t already have one…
    Love the show, peace.

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