Welcome to a super nova sized Tardis Interruptus!

Nick, Richard, Andy and Justin join Brad, Adam and Christina this week as the gang discusses the second half of Series Six!

They begin with Let’s Kill Hitler and delve into the regeneration of River Song. Nick’s only problem with the episode was the Doctor’s sonic cane. Adam notices the issue of the number of regenerations allowed and everyone weighs in. Justin talks about what he liked about Mels and Christina gives the female perspective on the lady timelord. The group touches on why they feel how they do about Matt Smith.

Moving on to Night Terrors, everyone is as impressed with Jamie Oram’s performance as they were creeped out by the dolls. Nick appreciates Mark Gatiss’ gift for dark storytelling. Christina shares that it was her mom’s first episode of Doctor Who. Brad compares his experience watching it at Dragon Con versus in his own apartment. Andy was touched by the father/son dynamic and compares it to the novel, The Road.

On to The Girl Who Waited, Nick speaks on his previous notions of Amy and her growth as a character, while Richard takes the counterpoint. Justin marks this as the episode he fell in love with Karen Gillan and Nick and Christina open the floor to commending Rory’s character. They discuss the enemy in this episode as well as the role the Doctor plays.

Next The God Complex touches on everyone’s fears. Christina was impressed with David Walliams’ character and Nick as a fan boy is happy with the mention of the old-school minotaur. Everyone is thrilled to see Amelia and the group mentions differences between Amy and her younger self. What do you think was in the Doctor’s room? Nick talks about how and why the Doctor leaves Amy and Christina laments the lack of closure between him and Rory. Finally, they discuss the wrapping up of the “finding the baby” storyline, and their theories about parenthood and time travel.

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