Welcome back to the vortex of fandom that is PodCulture: TARDIS Interruptus!

Nick shares the announcement that the Powers That Be found two lost episodes, episode 3 of Galaxy Four and episode 2 of Underwater Menace. These lost gems are being restored and Nick is looking forward to seeing the Chumblies and other missing moments. He lets us know that 2 Entertain plans to release them sometime this year, and lists off other missing stories for each Doctor. Christina is happy to hear about the Ace box set, and Nick mentions the differences in various box sets on each side of the pond. He shares the tale of a lost story and how the restoration team went to great lengths to colorize, and how the dvd contains both versions of the episode. The dvd of Planet of The Daleks on the Dalek Wars set contains a documentary on restoration. Brad compares it to the brilliant featurette on the Wizard of Oz dvd.

Our musical interlude includes “I Am The Doctor” by Devo Spice!

Nick kicks off our Whovian Geek and Tell with tales of his trip to WhoNa.com headquarters. He picked up a Bump And Go Cybermat from the Closing Time episode. Also from the new line of busts from Titan, including Captain Jack Harkness and the blule-tied 11th Doctor. He’s hoping for the John Simm Master and Leela. From the same company are brilliant Dracula and Star Trek busts as well. Biff Bang Pow sells cloth retro figures, including the 4th Doctor, and Nick is happy to partake. He is sporting his new John Pertwee t-shirt from Red Bubble, entitled Three. Character Options has dropped a whole lot of new action figures, including the Caves of Adrozani set and the Enemies of the 3rd Doctor set, among more.

Richard was in stark contrast and didn’t get any Whovian goodies, but tells the cautionary tale of shooting his airsoft gun indoors.

Andy decided to research his favorite companion for Christmas, and spent the holiday finding stories with his explosive Ace. In other genres, his son is loving Star Wars The Old Republic.

Christina shares about the gorgeous Doctor Who sleep pants from Elizabeth and Spoonflower.com. Brad, in a post-Christmas sale, picked up a pair of adorable stress Adipose toys. Also, he found her an Amelia Pond action figure. For Christmas itself, Brad gave Christina a fantastic Christopher Eccleston autograph.

Brad received from Christina a copy of King Lear with Sir Ian McKellan and Sylvester McCoy featuring the spoons. She gave him two prequel novels to Torchwood Miracle Day, including First Born and Long Time Dead. She found him a Wizard of Oz/Doctor Who crossover t-shirt, and both of them a snow Dalek shirt. Continuing the tradition of autographs, Christina got him a photo of Galifrey’s cutest couple, including a Georgia Moffett autograph. To round out prezzies, Christina got Brad The Special Edition of Doctor Who Monopoly.

Nick shares The Flesh Goo Pod with random Ganger Doctor figure parts. Christina finds the Flesh therapeutic and Nick regales the adventure of collecting all five Doctor parts. He shares the difficulty in finding certain figures. Brad shows off his Life Size TARDIS in the living room, and the guys debate their Geek Museums. Nick shares how his wife has degrees of geekdom, and what can and can’t be out in public view. Richard goes off the rails at this point, while Nick and Christina are determined to keep control.

Let us know if you got any good swag for the holiday season, or if there’s some shiny that you just have to have!

By Brad

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