Welcome Geeklings! Andy sits in for Glenn this week. He is exploring career options and distracting himself with geeky toys when he can get his family off the game systems. Glenn’s gamer tag popped on while the crew was eating dinner before recording and Andy shares that he and Glenn have played Modern Warfare 3. Adam laments that no one is playing Battlefield 3 with him. Brad and Adam discuss tactics in Halo, since Brad’s little sister is wanting to play. Adam has been working hard at both art and athletics, developing some CGI and some endurance for his Touch Mudder race. He tells some of the obstacles in the competition, including ice baths and electric lines. To gear up, he’s doing the Rugged Maniac and the Bourbon Chase. When he’s not running, he’s been on with Farscape, Star Trek Voyager and Stephen Fry In America. He is also still happily enthralled with Star Wars The Old Republic, having turned a Jedi to the Dark Side. Christina is caught up on, and addicted to, Downton Abbey. She had a great time painting with Dezetta and friends, and can’t wait to go back. Brad is settling in at work and shares the note that was left on the car by some Whovian fans. Andy looks forward to decals from Decal Mike on a new car.

Christina opens Game Talk with Bloons TD 4 by Ninja Kiwi for her iPhone. The gang sells Andy on the Amazon app of the day. Brad talks about his Nook Tablet and the MMO Pocket Legends. Adam has been playing the expansion for Battlefield 3, including Wake Island. He is most proud of his fallen Jedi companion in Star Wars The Old Republic. The game builders are listening to the players and have a Guild Summit to gather information. Andy is disappointed that his friends who play are scattered across so many servers. They discuss the brilliant story lines and the engaging voice acting. Andy is impressed, but going back to his Neverwinter Nights days, he hasn’t seen anything groundbreaking yet. He and Adam compare leveling and character paths. Andy laments the sad computer he has, and the guys try to fix him up. Brad has been playing a little more Dragon Age 2, and picked up Soul Calibur 5 in the collector pack with extra goodies. They debate character customization and the benefit of the family pack on Xbox Live.

Geek Cuisine is sweet and sour with Jolly Rancher Crunch and Chew candies.

Our promo this week comes from The Saturday B-Movie Reel Podcast. Music this week is Sleepy Little Creepy Town by Jonah Knight.

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