Welcome, Time Lords and Ladies!

Nick has assigned us the homework of The Caves of Androzani, which was recently re-released with new extras. He and Richard give us the rundown of the advent of Peter Davison’s tenure, and how he came to inhabit the TARDIS. He explains the overlap in companions, this time being Tegan and Adric. The pair discuss the device of having multiple companions and plot entanglements with props. The gang muses on what makes Peter Davison special as a Doctor. Christina’s theory is his screen versus theatrical method of acting.

Back from the break, Nick gives us a synopsis of Caves of Androzani. The Doctor sacrifices himself for the life of Perri, and they take a moment to list of regeneration causes thus far. The professors speak to the solid Davison stories, having very few complaints. Each takes a moment to talk about the 180 turnaround between Five and Six and how they treat companions. The 5th Doctor had his share of varied sets and monsters and the guys mention some of their favorites. Christina really enjoyed Black Orchid because of the use of the earthbound time travel story about human monsters. Going from the good to the bad, they touch on the villains that Davison’s Doctor has faced.

Geek Cuisine is sweeter on the inside as we sample Hostess Chocolate Cream Twinkies!

Thanks to Devo Spice for the song, “I Am The Doctor”. Promos this week come courtesy of The Type 40 Podcast and The British Invaders.

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