The quartet of geeks is complete again! Adam and Glenn are on their rightful spots on the couch!

Adam opens with what’s been keeping him on his toes lately, including the Festival of American Undead Theater. When he wasn’t making props for zombies, he was catching up on geekdom and getting back in the swing of his workouts. Everyone is suffering the effects of March Madness, but not in the way most of their neighbors were, and Glenn had to fly to cover the riots in Lexington. Christina hasn’t been up to much, but she and Brad made a pilgrimage to Ikea on St. Patrick’s Day. In moving around the new shelves, Brad’s sub woofer had an unfortunate accident, but he perseveres. Glenn is proud that he listened to the April Fool’s Day episode, and Adam enjoyed Beatnik Turtle’s extended theme song. Brad takes a moment to mention a friend that the podcasting world lost.

Christina opens TV and DVD talk gushing about New Girl. She is getting riled up talking about the show Locked Up that she found on Netflix. Glenn isn’t quite caught up on Alcatraz, and despite dropping ratings, everyone hopes they keep it around. Glenn is also getting in to Awake, and is keeping his fingers crossed for its future.

Everyone takes a moment to talk about the finale of Walking Dead. If you haven’t seen it, you might want to turn back! The guys are happy to see appearance of Michonne. Christina is excited to have David Morrissey as The Governor, but Brad doubts his chops. Carl gets on everyone’s nerves.

They are all watching Grimm and really enjoying the twisted turns the stories take. Glenn is appreciating Monster Man, despite the “reality show” forced drama. Christina misses The Deadliest Warrior, but the boys hated the video game. Adam finished Farscape but was unimpressed by the ending. He has also picked Star Trek TOS back up. He is thrilled that Mad Men and Community are back, and everyone welcomed Game of Thrones back with open arms.

Brad and Christina are working their way through Voyager, and Christina already mourns the coming end. The boys try to console her with Julian Bashir and Dax. The talk of pixie-cut women leads them to Once Upon A Time with the diminutive Mary Margaret. The pair give a spoiler free moment to Being Human US. They feel the UK series reinvented itself well, and Christina especially likes the new cast members. Glenn laments the hiatus for Vampire Diaries and Secret Circle. Everyone is glad Alphas is coming back and Christina squees to find out Haven is coming back. Brad finds the upcoming swan song season of Eureka bittersweet. They all love Justified and are consistently amazed by the coolness of Boyd Crowder. Back to Game of Thrones, Christina is so proud of her parents for mainlining the first season.

Brad and Christina have finally watched The Muppets and they both just absolutely loved it. Truly chicken soup for the soul. On the other side of the Street, Adam talks about watching Kevin Clash’s documentary, Being Elmo. Christina has finally found Tale of The Bunny Picnic to watch.

Brad is hoping Hawaii Five-O comes back soon, and Christina is mildly annoyed at the angst on Castle.

Geek Cuisine this week is Mike’s Harder Blueberry Lemonade. Do drinking and podcasting mix? Will the gang survive it? Listen and find out!

Thanks to Jonathan Coulton for his song, “Ikea”.

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