Still without Glenn, Brad, Adam and Christina bring you another helping of PodCulture!

Adam opens TV and DVD talk with Star Trek The Original Series, remastered on Netflix. He has finally given in to Dharma and started watching Lost. Was it a victim of the writer’s strike as Christina theorizes? Brad compares Matthew Fox to the character from Mass Effect. You all, everybody loves Charlie. Dude, the love for Hurley continues, and nobody likes Kate, despite her hotness. Adam never got hooked on Fringe, but Brad and Christina are enjoying the complication of the series. Adam finds Bob’s Burgers deliciously funny and gives us a brief synopsis. Community is batting them out of the park lately and Adam gives us some of his favorite moments with Troy and Abed. The gang discusses Stephen Hawking’s cameos on Big Bang Theory and Star Trek.

Christina is still watching Locked Up:Extended Stay on Netflix. She and Brad have finished Voyager and she is bereft without Janeway. Brad admits that Voyager has gotten a bad rap over the years. Brad was a little upset with the turn of events on Eureka, but Christina is a little relieved. All of them are loving Game of Thrones and are constantly impressed with Peter Dinklage. Given the source material, none of them can see the series writers veering too much from the original stories. Christina loved the audiobooks read by Roy Dotrice.

Adam is watching Mad Men and while Brad is keen to pick up Christina Hendricks on blu-ray, Christina wants him to see if he likes it on Netflix first. Is it accessible to geeks? Let us know. Christina’s English friend confirms the odd enjoyability of Friday Night Lights. Castle’s Adam Baldwin cameo was loved by all, and Brad enjoyed the brief appearance of Ron Glass on Voyager. Brad and Christina started watching Lost Girl. Speaking of fairy tales, the pair are having a fun time with Once Upon A Time and Grimm. A wormhole leads Adam to discuss why Caprica didn’t work. Brad and Christina are happy Fringe got a last, albeit shorter, season.

Try the rainbow this Geek Cuisine with the mysterious Skittles Riddles! Are the sneaky sugar candies worth the wondering? Find out!

In closing, Christina asks for good things to watch on Netflix and looks forward to being able to laugh painlessly again. Adam entreats us to play good games and get outside. Brad refuses to go out while they’re working the construction across the street.

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