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We three geeks are Glennless as he is off saving the city from crime. Christina has lost a gallbladder, gained a year in age and picked up a sickness since the gang recorded last. Adam has had his department on his shoulders lately while trying hard to keep up running. When he does have time, he is playing games, watching new shows and doing some photography. Brad has been on nurse duty, getting to take off a couple of days to look after Christina in her infirmity. He shares the adventure of his tax time this April. Christina tells the tale of she and her sister taking turns throwing each other under the family bus. We’re anticipating Glenn being swamped for The Kentucky Derby week, and the gang discusses some interesting points about this time of year.

Christina opens Game Talk with her addiction to Draw Something and Tiny Tower. Adam is late to the party, but he finally picked up Skyrim and loves it, hoping the Kinect functionality is ready soon. He gives us a brief synopsis of the game and cites many of his favorite aspects. Adam shares that Star Wars The Old Republic has had some great updates, including the Legacy system. He explains the rat ghoul plague and assorted new updates. Brad hasn’t had much time to play, but he has picked up two new games. The first is the slightly wonky Need for Speed The Run (which he calls Drive: The Game). The second is the adorable mix between Disney and Little Big Planet, the game Disney Universe.

Christina opens this Geek Cuisine with excitement over the new frozen yogurt place up the street. In the meantime, the gang hit up the local Sonic Drive-In restaurant for slushes. Christina chose a lemon cream slush, but laments her lack of chocolate. Brad chose watermelon cream and Adam decided on raspberry cream. Christina’s favorites in the past include orange chocolate cream, strawberry chocolate and lime cream with vanilla (tasting like her coconut lime verbena lotion smells).

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