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Brad opens, happy to now be a part of The VOG Network! Glenn gives new listeners an introduction of what PodCulture is.

Christina starts with what she’s been up to, which was a smorgasbord of new media. Glenn has been flying like mad and playing Diablo 3, having gotten it for free after the beta test and WOW subscription. He talks about some of the cool features that cater to the alt-aholics. Adam has been putting in extra hours at work, but finds time to keep up with Waterfront Wednesdays and the free music in Downtown Louisville. To burn off some stress, Adam and company went for some paintball action. He is planning trips for this month, including heading to the beach and getting back in to his scuba gear. When he hasn’t been in the sun, he has been playing the third installments of both Max Payne and Mass Effect.

Brad enjoyed his little sister’s 8th grade graduation and birthday. Christina takes a moment to regale the guys with her triumph in getting Wicked tickets and Brad shares the story of his broken toe the first time it was in town. Brad segues in to the retirement party for his high school Drama teacher and the real-life charm of Josh Dallas.

Glenn opens TV and DVD talk having watched 28 Days Later. He is glad Teen Wolf is out on DVD, but has resigned himself to having to watch MTV to catch it when it’s back. Most of the shows he watches are on hiatus, but Secret Circle suffered the axe. He has acquired Continuum from Canada and looks forward to it. The boys discuss the new G.I. Joe and speculate on the release delay.

Adam joins all of them in loving Game of Thrones. He is still impressed with Mad Men and Legend of Korra. He has bitten the Dharma bullet and started watching Lost. Treasure Quest, streaming on Netflix, has also caught his attention.

Christina has been watching the Reaper on Netflix, and found it surprisingly addictive. So You Think You Can Dance is back, so she is happy to appreciate the new music and great talent. Brad and Christina have watched Cars 2 and the Death Race remake, while Glenn fancies a combination of the two. Fringe, Hawaii Five-O and Grimm have ended for the season, and Brad is on the edge of his seat until the fall. Castle, however, has jumped the shark in his book. He and Christina started, and proceeded to completely blow through, Lost Girl. In true Buffy style, Christina loves the secondary characters and is annoyed by the star. Eureka is back for one last season and proves that it will not go out quietly. As sad as he is that Eureka is going, he is glad that Alphas and Haven will be back. Speaking of cancelled shows and lost potential, the pair re-watched Dollhouse. They have also finished the first season of Transformers Prime, having gotten used to the darker style of both the storytelling and the animation. The two have started the BBC show, Outcasts, fancying it a combination of Terra Nova and Battlestar Galactica.

Finally, Glenn is glad Falling Skies is coming back and everyone was pleased to see it as a preview when they saw Avengers in the theater. For future watching, Glenn pre-ordered the 50th Anniversary James Bond collection.

Glenn opens a Con segment with Wonderfest, talking about some of the model kits and collectibles he found. Derby City Comicon is coming up on June 30th, focusing more on comic and tattoo artists. That very same weekend is Fandomfest, from June 29th-June 1st. Multiple Cons in one, there’s something for everyone, including television and movie stars. This year, the room is abuzz because Peter Davison of Doctor Who fame is scheduled to appear! If that wasn’t enough, there are stars from Buffy, The Goonies and The Walking Dead, among actors and authors and others. We take a moment of silence for Glenn’s ill-fated convention, Heroicon. Who was your favorite convention guest to see? Do you have a fun (or embarrassing) story? Send us pictures, voicemails, or e-mails!

Where there are geeks there must be Cuisine! Today, we’re sharing Golden Rainbow Sherbert Oreos. The colors may differ from the package, but the fruity aroma makes up for it. It’s four happy tummies and eight thumbs up for this tie-dyed classic. The gang theorizes on future flavors for Oreos.

Thanks to The Signal and The Type 40 Podcasts for their promos! Thanks to Devo Spice and The Great Luke Ski for the song, The Geeks Come Out At Night.

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