Welcome back to the second part of PodCulture!

Glenn gets Guilty with Godzilla Vs. Megalon! At Wonderfest last year, the Chancellor of Cheese unearthed this gem. This year, he picked up the new Jet Jaguar figure and finally watched the movie. He gives us a synopsis of story as well as some trivia of the history of its making.

Geek Cuisine for grown-ups, Angry Orchard Hard Apple Ginger Cider makes the boys happy and m makes Christina long for the fall. Christina continues her search for Carlsberg Special Brew lager.

Glenn opens Geek and Tell with his findings from Wonderfest, including an Earth X Deathlock figure and Imagine FX magazine. He shows off his 3 seasons of Ancient Aliens autographed by Giorgio Tsoukalos as well as test a test figure of Thor by Sam Greenwell. Brad regales us with the story of getting the Evo 4G LTE phone. He and Christina mention some of their favorite features. Brad goes over the hold up thanks to Apple leading him to have no qualms about trading in his iPhone 3G. Adam has added some oomph to his computer, installing his new GeForce GTX 560 video card.

In close, thanks to The VOG Network for having us! Glenn is looking forward to the cool conventions coming to town. In the meantime, he mentions a costumer from Wonderfest, Stone Silent Poductions and their WWII movie. Adam entreats us all to get out and enjoy our hobbies. He has been touching up his antique family photos and is loving the process. Christina was wigging out over Wicked tickets and details her insanity.

Special thanks to the theme-music-providing Beatnik Turtle for their brilliant cover of Johnny Jump Up off their album, Sham Rock. Gratitude to Insane Ian for his song, Umbrella Chronicles featuring Marie Digby. Thanks to The British Invaders Podcast for their promo!

Extra special thanks to Audible.com. As a PodCulture listener, you can click the link on our site, and now get 30 days to explore the over 100,000 titles and choose one to download for free! With genres for everyone and apps for every phone, you can be listening in no time! So click, download, listen and then tell us what you’ve chosen!

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