Welcome back to Tardis Interruptus!

Richard had to step out at intermission, but Nick, Brad and Christina return to discuss the last half of Christopher Eccleston’s reign. They begin with the episode Father’s Day, and the heartstrings wrenched tight by writer, Paul Cornell. Christina and Nick discuss the characters of Pete and Jackie Tyler. Moving on to The Empty Child, they speak to the beloved and frightening episodes written by Steven Moffat. Christina tells the tale of why it scared her so. We welcome the character of Captain Jack and explore his early days. Nick appreciates the comfortable trio in the TARDIS. Of the three in the studio, Nick most liked Boom Town, but Brad and Christina recognize the turns of emotion. Next, they share takes on Bad Wolf. Christina enjoys Patterson Joseph (not Robert Pattinson, give her a smack). Nick mentions the morality play involved, referencing other chances The Doctor has to exterminate the Daleks for good. The gang muses on the reasons for Eccleston’s exit and wish there had been more time, while Nick lists off how other Doctors have handled their post-Timelord careers.

In closing, Christina wonders how people who get attached to a Doctor deal with regeneration. The gang talks about upcoming Fandomfest in Louisville and everyone is excited that Peter Davison and Gareth David-Lloyd are coming!

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By Brad

One thought on “PodCulture 328: TARDIS Interruptus – Vol. 22”
  1. I’m so glad you guys got me back into rewatching the 9th Doctor. I’d forgotten how awesome the first series was until you were opining and… yeah. Eventually I’ll get to that Dollhouse rewatch, but this was a great way to get me off my bum.

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