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Nick opens, introducing that the topic of this week’s episode is the Ninth Doctor, Christopher Eccleston. He explains how he became a Whovian, sharing the similarities between the Doctors of the classic series and the new. Nick and Richard give a brief synopsis of how Russell T. Davies brought the franchise back in a crisp, smart way. Nick draws several parallels between Russell and Barry Letts and the Third Doctor, Jon Pertwee. The gang muses on the importance of Mickey and Jackie as a grounding device for Rose. Richard appreciates how extended characters are impacted by The Doctor as well as his wonderment of the universe. The episode, Dalek, sealed the deal for everyone given Chris’ intensity. They boys compare the range of extremes that the Ninth Doctor shares with Sylvester McCoy and the Seventh Doctor.

Pour us a cuppa, this Geek Cuisine is McVities Milk Chocolate Digestive Biscuits.

Back from our infusion of British sugar, we take a look at each episode of the Ninth Doctor We take a side note to comment on his costume compared to some of his predecessors. The episode Dalek shines as a favorite for all and we take a moment to point out favorite moments, including the stellar performance from Nicholas Briggs as the exterminating pepper pots.

Special thanks to the brilliant Marian Call for her song, “Good Old Girl”.

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