After an introduction by the inestimable Peter Davison, Brad, Christina, Adam and Nick welcome listeners to a spectacularly special PodCulture: TARDIS Interruptus!

Following a brief recap of Fandomfest, Brad plays the TARDIS Interruptus Parsec Submission samples.

Back in the studio, the gang talks about all the Whovian goodies they were able to bring back from Fandomfest, especially from the brilliant Who North America booth! Brad picked up Torchwood Miracle Day on blu-ray and a K-9 from the Australian kids’ series. He got the 11 Doctor collection of Character Building figures as well as a plush Adipose for Christina. Christina picked herself up an Idris figure and appreciates the detail and articulation. She is hoping someone will make a prop replica of the Adipose pendant. Brad got the Doctor Who Comic, The Only Good Dalek, as well as The TARDIS Handbook, and Douglas Adams’ Shada from Barnes and Noble. Nick gives some background on Shada and how the future of this nearly-lost story is yet to be seen.

Brad and Christina sit down with Peter Davison and talk to him about Doctor Who’s enduring quality, the fact that it has become a family business, and even answers a question or two about Law and Order UK.

In closing, Brad and Christina were thrilled to meet Peter, while Nick wishes he could have spent more time at Fandomfest. Brad shares an uncanny Peter/Doctor moment. Nick announces that is bringing Jason Haigh-Ellery and the voice of The Daleks himself, Nicholas Briggs to Gen Con in Indianapolis, talking about the various WhoNA-vents with the pair of Big Finish stars. In a final thought, Adam appreciates the stories from Fandomfest, since he was unable to attend, and looks forward to more projects and fun. Christina hopes Peter had a good enough time in Louisville to want to come back next year! Brad closes, having had a fantastically brilliant time, and is most pleased to be able to share it with you, the listeners!

By Brad

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