After a welcome from the charming Ryan Lambert, we jump in to another episode of PodCulture!

Nick is filling Glenn’s spot this week, talking about how long he has known our usual fourth team member. Christina is laughing so hard, Adam starts the open with stories of his family beach vacation and the sickness that followed him home. The adorableness of his nephew on the sand was well worth coming back to work craziness. He is reviving Super Secret Project Awesome and watching some new tv. Nick is keeping as cool as possible, but he did take time to go to Kentucky Speedway for the Nascar race. He takes a moment to compliment the ways they have improved since last year, as well as how it is easier to keep cool. Brad compares it to the years he used to go. Adam raced as well, but he was on foot in a 10k. Although Nick often watches Doctor Who, he is as big of a Dark Shadows fan, and goes into where he is in the rewatching of the classic series. He speaks about the Johnny Depp movie, where it worked and where it went wrong. Dan Curtis’ movies of the original series are coming to dvd release, and in true Professor fashion, Nick gives us an overview. Christina hasn’t been up to much outside Fandomfest. She has finished up a couple of tv series and look forward to starting more. The decision whether or not to go to Dragon Con is weighing heavily on her. Nick is very much hoping to get a John Barrowman autograph. Brad suggests listening to the episode of the Type 40 Podcast with the Eve Myles panel.

Glenn pops back in to remind the listeners to e-mail in for a chance to win a download of a new sci-fi novel. If you would like to enter to win Mythical by C.E. Martin, e-mail with your favorite book or favorite author!

It may be hotter than Hades outside, but Geek Cuisine gives us a glimpse of the fall. We share Worthers’ Carmel Apple candies!

Mass Effect 3, after loving the first two in the franchise. He describes the fully-fleshed out world and back story. Nick is intrigued by the “choose your own adventure” threads woven from the previous games. Adam explains that because a lot of people have complained about the ending of Mass Effect 3, the developers released a “director’s cut” downloadable content ending. Brad theorizes they cast Matthew Fox as the lead, were they to make a film. Adam takes a moment to talk about some tweaks and updates to Star Wars The Old Republic, including server condensing. Christina gave the Your Shape Fitness Evolved games for the Kinect a whirl before taking them back. The have a total aside while Christina’s Idris figure looks like Evita and The Pope, before she returns to how she swore at her game. Adam talks about the running app for running from Zombies. Brad picked up Lollipop Chainsaw, and enjoys this Buffy-with-zombies guilty pleasure. He was quite happy to pick up the Rock Band Country pack for two dollars at Toys R Us and Band Hero. The most fun of the games he has picked up this round, though, is Lego Batman 2. He and Christina list of the cutest parts of the game so far, including some of the voice actors. The trio got Nick to play Fruit Ninja for the Kinect and he had a good time!

Our music this week includes Speed Racer Wannabe by Dino-Mike and Mr. Mxyzptlk Bizarro World by Ookla the Mok.

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