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After an introduction by the enigmatic John Rhys-Davies, we welcome Nick back in to the studio to pinch hit for Glenn. He and Brad begin by spinning a tale of Batman and Robin of days gone by.

Christina opens tv and dvd talk with lamenting having finished Reaper with all its sci-fi cameos. She has also watched a documentary on absinthe, which leads Brad to conclude that the pair of them broke the Netflix queue. Nick is still watching the classic Dark Shadows series, but is rewatching John Carter. He finds it an under-appreciated film and Adam agrees that the effects are brilliant. He also picked up Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows, and while he finds it great, the rest of the room finds the first Holmes film better. Nick picked up the new Mission Impossible and the Criterion Collection version of Shallow Grave. He talks about some of the actors, including Beeb stars Keith Allen and Christopher Eccleston, loving the extra special features. To counteract the high brow, he also bought American Reunion. Of course, what pack of purchases by Nick would be complete without some newly released classic Doctor Who?

Adam takes some time to talk about Legend of Korra. He gives us a wonderful synopsis of the characters and the history, having nothing but love and admiration for the show. Adam is already on season 3 of Arrested Development and can’t wait for season 4. He is in the middle of season 3 of Lost, but he has lost interest.

Christina is watching Peter Davison on Netflix in The Last Detective, finding it funny that David Troughton was in the first story. She finished the second series of Luther and wishes for more. Brad and Christina are watching Falling Skies alongside the app. Brad is still angry about the end of Eureka, while the gang theorizes about the future of the universe the show built. The pair have also been watching the Canadian series Continuum.

Glenn shares a synopsis of the novel Mythical by C.E. Martin. If you’d like to win a code for a download, e-mail us at Contest@PodCulture.net and tell us what you’re reading!

For a summertime Geek Cuisine, the gang shares Tropical Berry Pull and Peel Twizzlers. Christina is enjoying braiding her Twizzlers, while Adam regales his clever theatrical zombie crafting with Fruit By The Foot. The Tropical Berry (perfect for summer) get a “meh” all around.

In closing, Adam showed the group Literal Lyrics’ video of The Safety Dance. Adam asks us to have an adventure. Brad introduces an e-mail from our listener, Amanda, who is new to the show and starting from the beginning. Nick teases them with Doctor Who Uno. Brad just wants us to have fun.

Musical guests this week include Morning Sidekick with “Snortin’ Up The Bath Salts” and Steve Goodie with “Hey Fred Phelps”. Thanks to The Signal Podcast for their promo.

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