After a welcome from the enigmatic Nicholas Briggs, we welcome you to a very special episode of PodCulture: TARDIS Interruptus!

Our own Nick went to Gen Con in Indianapolis, where Who North America had Nicholas Briggs and Jason Haigh-Ellery as guests. He brings back a fabulous interview! Nick tells the story of how Mr. Briggs autographed his copy of Energy Of The Daleks and his Dalek voice changer helmet.

Back from the break, we share Nick’s interview with Nicholas and Jason. They include tales about the birth of Big Finish, the return of Tom Baker and how Nicholas became the voice of The Doctor’s greatest arch nemeses.

We theorize what might happen in Asylum of the Daleks when Doctor Who returns in September. The gang discuss the brilliance that is Big Finish Audio, including Jonathan Frid’s return as Barnabas Collins in Dark Shadows. Nick talks about the Companion Chronicles and how it fills in the gaps for passed Doctors, as well as capturing Companions that we have lost. He brought Brad and Christina a few action figures, and Christina remarks on the importance of toys. Nick lets us know what’s coming on the figure front. Christina wishes Derek Jacobi would return in audio dramas. We take a few moments to gush about Paul McGann’s body of work as the 8th Doctor. Nick talks about the 5th Doctor story Spare Parts and the origins of the Cybermen.

Thanks to the fantastic band Chameleon Circuit for their song, “Exterminate Regenerate”, and to the Type 40 Podcast for their promo!

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By Brad

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