The adorable Sean Astin welcomes you back to PodCulture!

The team welcomes author C.E. Martin (aka Chuck) to the studio. Brad and Christina thank the listeners for their support during the couple of life events that brought the audience a couple of repeat episodes. Glenn has been scanning and tweaking some sketches of his and hopes to share some on the PodCulture Facebook page. When he hasn’t been working, he has been playing Rage, from the makers of Doom, enjoying the mini-games. Adam is diving again, after being benched for a while, and tells the fish tale of his recent trip. He and his family pulled an all-nighter watching the Mars landing. He is working hard but let off some steam at the brilliant Mumford and Sons concert. Christina spent a week in Cleveland for her uncle’s funeral, having been scanning pictures for a memorial. She started watching Paranormal State on Netflix. Brad was good enough to drive Christina to and from her home town and she shares the ninja-passing of her uncle. Chuck and 7 year-old daughter have been playing Lego Batman 2 like crazy which leads them to discuss the voice actors and Marvel’s anime. When Chuck isn’t beating up Gotham’s baddies or writing more for his Mythical novels, he has been waiting for fall shows to come back, lamenting the opening credits of Grimm.

This geeking is making us thirsty. Glenn shares an assortment of Cas Cal Sodas. Are they popping good or will they fizzle out? Will anything be as scary as some of the Jones Sodas the gang has tried?

Chuck opens TV and DVD Talk with watching Adventure Time and The Regular Show with his kids. He debates keeping up with Grimm and Glenn hates that the networks are pitting Grimm against Alphas. Christina loves seeing the dueling Maid Marians with Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio on Grimm and Lucy Griffiths on True Blood. Christina complains about seeing too many butts, despite the coolness of Eric. Chuck worries that Alphas will go the way of Eureka. Adam likes Nina and Rachel reminds Christina of a young Sarah Michelle Gellar. They all agree on adoring Gary. Brad and Christina love Continuum, but Glenn hasn’t watched it yet, despite having been the one to recommend it. Glenn finished the whole season of Teen Wolf, pointing out some of his favorite perks, including being directed by Highlander veteran, Russell Mulcahy. Christina is loving Paranormal State because of the equal-opportunity inclusion of religion and the treatment of people. She is laughing out loud at Kathy Burke’s autobiographical comedy series, Walking and Talking. Glenn and his dad are watching Banacek, the treasure-hunting series starring George Peppard. They segue into the casting of the A-Team movie. Everyone is looking forward to Haven returning. Adam is in to Alphas and finished season 3 of Warehouse 13. He has watched The Hunger Games and was impressed with what they did with what they had. Falling Skies is back and Jericho’s season in comic has returned. Glenn recommends Longmire as a Justified contemporary. Speaking of shows turned comics, Brad tries to talk to Glenn about Smallville, but incredulously, the latter isn’t caught up. Brad is thrilled to hear that John Barroman was cast in Arrow. Chuck was impressed by the movie Lockout.

The music this week includes, “Welcome Back, Doctor” by Sudden Death and “Gamer Funk” by Rob Balder. Thanks to The Gamma Quadrant Podcast for their promo.

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