The quartet of geeks welcome Cristalle into the studio!

Glenn opens this week, sharing Firefly with his pilot. How he has started rewatching The Walking Dead. Adam was hired on to photograph production stills for The Alley Theater, especially happy that it was Clive Barker’s play, “The History of The Devil.” Cristalle is in the job search trenches with Brad and is looking at some local companies. She and Adam have been hiking and not looking forward to the vast changes in weather. Christina is listening to the audiobook of “The Passage” by Justin Cronin, and Adam is reading World War Z. Glenn is reading Ex Heroes. Adam is working Fandomfest this year and is excited to see Jewel Staite and The Walking Dead actors. Brad shares that he’s looking for a job again and shares a shot of Fireball.

Glenn has been watching the US Being Human and a few episodes behind on Contiuum. He, Brad and Christina have been watching Cult, despite the headache of it all. He and Carly are still watching Face Off. Game of Thrones is back very soon and everyone is excited. Grimm is back and Glenn was bitter about basketball pre-empting an episode. Robert Carlyle in Once Upon A Time never fails to impress. Supernatural is still awesome and The Following is living up to its name. Christina and Brad powered through and are now current on Vampire Diaries and Glenn sits impressed. Everyone is watching Walking Dead and they talk about things that have surprised them. Cristalle brings up True Blood and the differences to the books. Everyone is saddened by the cancelling of Zero Hour, and not surprised by Do No Harm being axed, mentioning Christian Slater in My Own Worst Enemy. In dvds, Glenn picked up Logan’s Run The Series. Willow and The Hobbitt are out on blu-ray. Adam has watched a documentary called National Geographic Inside North Korea. He finished the first season of American Horror Story and caught Craig Ferguson’s newest comedy special. He watched Blood Rayne because of a podcast he heard. Glenn shares his personal distaste for it. Adam and Christina both watched National Geographic Inside The Vatican. Glenn shares the Pope comic he has and the gang liked Battle Pope. Adam has also gotten sucked into How Stuff Works on Netflix.

Glenn has brought Bubu Lubu to share for Geek Cuisine. The gang is pleasantly surprised and learns what Urban Dictionary has to say.

The Feedback question for this week was “What movie was the best/worst adaptation of a story from a book/comic/musical”. Rainey votes for Twilight and Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban. Jason votes for Princess Bride as the best and can’t pin down a worst. Matt likes the Tennant/Stewart Hamlet and the worst the American Godzilla. Tim chooses Contact and Wicked as favorites. I, Robot and Starship Troopers fall into the worst category. Tony chooses Superman The Movie and the revived Producers. Back in the studio, Glenn chooses Silent Hill as the best and Blood Rayne as the worst. Adam votes for Super Mario Brothers as one of the worst. Cristalle chooses Revolutionary Road. Christina votes for Game of Thrones and Les Miserables as some of the best. Brad chooses the unaired tv pilot Justice League. Green Lantern and Green Lantern First Flight make his best list. Conan (the originals) is a unanimous “bad”. Cristalle remembers to add The Grinch and Alice In Wonderland.

Promos this week include The Signal and The Saturday B Movie Reel podcasts. Music includes “Grandma’s House” by Bonecage and one of our favorite mash-ups of fandoms ever.

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