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Cristalle is back for part two of PodCulture and opens TV and DVD talk with giving us a synopsis of The Americans. Christina is caught up with Downton Abbey and is soldiering through the heartbreak. Netflix has a lot of classic Doctor Who and she is taking full advantage. Caught up on Bob’s Burgers, New Girl and The Mindy Project. After watching Girls, Christina found the film Tiny Furniture on Netflix. Together, she and Brad are caught up on Vampire Diaries. Christina explains why Caroline is her favorite, and Brad finds it weird watching Cult and Primeval New World. Brad is hoping there’s a scene in Arrow with both John Barrowman and Alex Kingston. Despite the mediocre reviews, they both are enjoying Bates Motel. Glenn sees a trend in sociopaths on television. Christina mentions that in the upcoming Hannibal, Gina Torres and Laurence Fishburne play a married couple. Beauty and the Beast isn’t bad, but don’t find Kristin Kreuk believable as a cop. The pair talk about Broadchurch and the awesomeness that is Arthur Darvill and David Tennant. They’re looking forward to new Doctor Who and take a moment to mention Elementary. They’re caught up on Grimm and Brad finds the product placement in Hawaii Five-O a bit hokey. He tells Cristalle about Justified. On the advice of her English friends, Christina started watching Parks and Recreation. She shares Spies of Warsaw with David Tennant and Janet Montgomery. Brad and she hope Utopia comes back, and look forward to Revolution returning. Supernatural is back and The Following continues to be creepy.

Christina shares Geek Cuisine this week, having made what Glenn dubs “Original Sin”, a combination of apple pie mix and angel food. Cristalle and Adam muse on the consistency of pecans.

Cristalle opens the music segment with a band called Churchill, and local bands like Houndmouth. Brad mentions the Kermit cover of Hurt on YouTube. Cristalle and Adam talk about Unnecessary Censorship on the Jimmy Kimmel show . Christina is still listening to 98fm out of Dublin, and a new favorite song is Pompeii by Bastille. Brad taunts Glenn about Debbie Gibson. Glenn shares about Adam Ant’s new album. Adam is listening to Alexi Murdoch’s album, Time Without Consequence. Brad is listening to Marian Call’s new cd called Live In Europe. He is also loving Kirby Krackle’s great geek music, including the Live In Seattle album. Christina is impressed with their cover of Take On Me. This time of year, Brad and Christina love Beatnik Turtle’s Sham Rock. Finally he mentions the reinvention of Jekyll and Hyde album. Glenn talks about mash-up of Crazy Train and Last Train to Clarksville. Brad shares the Jekyll and Hyde dvd starring David Hasselhoff.

In closing, Glenn talks about a Kickstarter project he is launching. Christina is depressed over the ending of Being Human UK. Spring can’t come soon enough for Adam. Cristalle is glad to have her feet in the podcasting pool and looks forward to new employment opportunity. Brad shares the care taken with his geek collection at work, and the hilarity of the epic list.

Music includes “Best Game Ever” by Mikey Mason and “Quantum Entanglement” by Glen Raphael.

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