Would you like a Jelly Baby? Welcome to Tardis Interruptus and the Tom Baker, 4th Doctor Special!

Nick begins with a synopsis of Tom Baker’s tenure in the TARDIS, including things that set him apart from his predecessors. As arguably the most recognized Doctor, the crew discusses random recognition of Whovian gear. Richard explores the idea of Baker’s stories being the most widely packaged episodes around the world. Nick had a hard time choosing the story the grouped watched before recording, and settled on Planet of Evil with the lovely Elisabeth Sladen. He shares his feelings about the massive set and effective monsters. Richard compares Tom to the upcoming Peter Davison. Nick picks the nits with Douglas Adams as the script writer. Richard gives an overview of Planet of Evil. Nick explains about other 4th Doctor stories, including the quintessential Genesis of the Daleks, and the frightening Sontaran Experiment. Richard like latter villains to the Ferengi on Star Trek. After a lone Doctor story, the guys discuss the optimal number of companions. Talk evolves into Tom’s co-travellers, going from Sarah Jane Smith to Leela and Romana. Nick gives a shout out to listeners from the Who North America forums.

You can’t talk about the 4th Doctor and not talk about Jelly Babies. Geek Cuisine brings us the sugary goodness as well as Brad’s ever-present Fireball. Christina shares her Vortex Cake.

When we come back, Nick discusses Louise Jameson as Leela, including Terrence Dicks. K-9 went from being a one-off to becoming a regular fixture in the TARDIS. The gang debates characteristics in companions that conveniently disappear. Nick explains the arc of the Key To Time collection of stories.

Music this week comes from the brilliant Chameleon Circuit, “Gallifreyan History 101” and “Nightmares”. The promo this week comes courtesy of The British Invaders Podcast.

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