Welcome back to PodCulture! Glenn might not join us this week, but we are introduced by the charming Corey Feldman.

They waste no time in cracking open the sugar bowl this week, sharing Cheerwine soda.

Adam opens Game Talk with Mech Warrior Online and Crysis 3, loving the glorious graphics. He and Brad are both playing Bioshock Infinite. Brad chooses Elizabeth as the best companion ever. Adam points out the awesome soundtrack and plays some examples of the melding of time periods. SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t finished the game and wish to remain unspoiled on the ending, fast forward, or come back once you’ve spent all your quarters. Brad shows the gang the things that came with the Collector’s Edition of the game. Adam has been playing You Don’t Know Jack on Facebook. Daunted by the fancy games that Brad and Adam play, Christina is reticent to admit she’s playing Pocket Planes by Nimblebit, the makers of the addictive Tiny Towers. When she’s not virtually flying around the world, she’s raising frogs in Pocket Frogs and spinning plates in the air with Farm Frenzy. Cut The Rope Time Travel is out, and she was able to find it free on the Google Play Store. Brad finishes with Dead Island Riptide. Much the same as its predecessor, he finds the small differences enough to make it feel like a fresh installment. Brad especially enjoys the being able to import your existing character.

In feedback, Brad asks that since Glenn isn’t joining us, for the listeners to write in with favorite Guilty Pleasures tv and movies and why. Christina opens with Xanadu, Buffy the movie, Labyrinth and tops it with The Pirate Movie. For tv, she votes for the revival of Dark Shadows and The Greatest American Hero. Adam couldn’t think of anything from growing up, but has a recent movie, Osombie, to add to the bad pile. Brad has too many movies to pick from, but chooses Battle of The Planets as his Guilty Pleasure tv show. From the listeners, Matt shares The Wizard of Space and Time. Peggy chimes in with Amish Mafia. In a bonus question, Brad posed whether or not collectors editions of video games are worth it and why. Adam votes that, like John, it depends on the game and what comes with it. Andy says that it more depends on the game or the genre, rather than the stuff. Glenn writes in about the combo of items and content being the perfect storm. He also enjoys pre-ordering. Hero Depot posted that game makers should focus their energy on support and updates rather than statues and extras. Christina votes that pay-to-play games should offer discounts in their collector editions.

For the second liquid Geek Cuisine this week, Brad brings Early Times Blind Archer apple whiskey.

In close, Christina shows off her birthday presents from Brad, including an art nouveau print of David Tennant by Megan Lara as well as an Ian Somerhalder autograph. Adam’s final thoughts are to play Bioshock, get running and try something new. Brad gives a shout out to Decal Mike, showing off Iron Man, Blue Sun and Doctor Who art. Special thanks to Mike and Billy for manning the chat room on VOG when Brad and Christina couldn’t make it.

Music this week includes Ultra Epic Video Game Medley IV by Insane Ian.

Promos come from The Signal and The GeekSpin.

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