We’re Glennless this week, while he enters the world of the Kentucky Derby, but Colin Ferguson gives you a warm welcome instead.

Adam is braving the wavering elements trying to get back to running. He,Cristalle and two friends got back from Gatlinburg on a hiking expedition. He shared pictures of the Ramsey Cascades and Clingman’s Dome and stories of the many tastings of wine and moonshine. He tempts Brad with Davey Crockett’s caramel whiskey. Christina spent her birthday in Cleveland, enjoying the local bakeries and seeing her high school drama club’s last performance. Her sister tested some of her cosmetology education and highlighted and cut Christina’s hair. She and Brad wax poetic on their new best friend, Five Guys Burgers and Fries. When Brad got back from Cleveland, he did body work on his beloved Emma after she got a scrape in the great white north. He shares the interesting day at the unemployment office. Christina’s tells the adventures she had with her name in the 80’s, and defends the music of her childhood.

Christina opens TV and DVD talk with starting Psych on Netflix. Also on her favorite streaming subscription, she has found Call The Midwife and Bomb Girls. Adam is watching Archer, Game of Thrones, Mad Men and is disappointed in the current state of Community. Christina’s Dad and brother are blamed for the pair getting sucked into Duck Dynasty. They’re happy to see J. August Richards on Arrow and are enjoying the creep factor of Bates Motel. Okay to be behind on Beauty and The Beast, they’re still missing the UK Being Human and liking the US counterpart. Christina is impressed with Ryan on Castle and compares it to The Doctor’s new wardrobe. Continuum is back and everyone loves William B. Davis. They’re starting to think they are the kiss of death, given that Cult got cancelled. Matthew Davis brings them to Vampire Diaries and they are looking forward to The Originals series. Brad likes the universe of Defiance, but Christina is having a hard time getting behind it. Adam makes comparisons to Tom Cruise’s Oblivion. A few episodes behind on Elementary, it is still impressing. Christina finds Game of Thrones more tense for having known the books. Brad poses the random questions about Grimm. Brad isn’t loving Hannibal, but it has piqued Christina’s interest. They are thrilled and squeeing to hear David Tennant on the show. Hawaii Five-O is still on the list and still lovely eye-candy. Law and Order UK is coming back without Freema Agyeman, but will have Patterson Joseph to fill the void. Robert Carlyle is still their favorite part of Once Upon A Time. Orphan Black is on the docket, but has yet to really blow them away. Lost Girl is varying degrees of “meh”, but is entertaining. Revolution has been renewed and 666 Park Avenue has been cancelled, and Christina mentions various Lost alum on tv. New Zealand’s Blue Rose is great and the pair attempt bad accents. James Marsters was on the return episode of Warehouse 13. Christina and Adam are giddily awaiting Arrested Development on Netflix.

Geek Cuisine is a double dose of marshmallow fluff this week! The first Geek Cuisine is Bubblegum flavored Peeps and then they follow up with Key Lime and Lemon Meringue Campfire marshmallows.

Music this week includes “(I’m The One That’s) Cool” from The Guild. Promos come graciously from The Dollhouse Podcast , Milk Carton TV and The Type 40 Podcasts.

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